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Gyros; Aircraft & Heli

Demon Cortex! Aircraft & Heli Gyros; Become a 3D pilot in a fraction of the learning curve!
Welcome to the Demon Cave! Do you want to enhance your flying skill fast and be smooth in the sky? Then this is the place for you, THE DEMON CAVE!>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Demonically stable, demonically flexible, demonically secure! Bavarian DEMON has an answer prepared for just about each RC area. No matter for the fix wing plane or helicopter pilot, regardless of whether 3D, scale, large or simply only Sunday flyers, no matter whether for the beginner, pro or those who are getting there: Bavarian DEMON will bring you and your demands on your RC model to your goal faster, more intelligently and more practically. The following is applicable to fix wing models and helicopter models primarily in the field of stabilization systems: Bavarian DEMON discovers the demon in you and in your model, retrieves him and allows him to lift off safe, strong and reliable. Bavarian DEMON is the head and the heart of your RC model.
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Bavarian Demon Cortex
If you want to improve your Pilot Skills overnight, this Gyro is for you!
$ 349.00
Demon 3SX
Demon 3SX for Helicopters with World's only true RESCUE mode!
$ 499.00
iKON Flybarless System with CRIUS MWC Multiwii Bluetooth Module "IKON
iKON Flybarless System
$ 234.99