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Aircraft & Heli Gyros; Become a 3D pilot in a fraction of the learning curve!
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We Service what we Sell! EME Engines carry a full 18 Month Warranty for defective parts. No labor, No parts cost to you under normal use conditions.
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We are hoping to become an EME full service distributor soon! EME Engines
We are extremely excited to distribute Eagle Masters Engines! These engines are state of the art and are built for precision. Absolutely the Best Value on the Market in our opinion! The EME line includes 100% reliable parts, RCEXL ignition (not a copy), Walbro carb, and bearings made in Japan (not a copy). Lighter than other motors in its class. The EME 60CC is a great value for a high end RC engine. The EME engine has great timing and is one smooth operator! The EME60cc has a genuine Walbro Carb creating a very smooth and precise fuel to air mixture. You must give these engines a try!

On Sale Now! Limited Time Offer, Click on the Engines Picture to get a great value in your next High-End RC Engine! "The Fierce Tiger feels EME Engines are the Absolute best value on the market for a reliable High-End RC Gas Engine"
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